June, in english.

Cathing up some updates!

Few weeks ago I tried something new and I posted in english. Now has new things come up, so decided to do it again! In early summer we have plans for going abroad. I have had problems with my back, but because Alex got a job from Belgium (not me), I thought that I could go with him and help as much as I can. Mainly with language problems. 😉

Anyway… We had planned that we would go later in july. Earlier we had decided to end ridinglessons and all other action at Palomaa. Mostly because that stable is too old for keeping customers and partly because of my health issues. I have been keeping some holiday to easy my stress, but now I have got new energy for anything! Of course this is something that someone can’t understand, but that’s their losses. Reason for everything is that we got an amazing offer to work here in Finland, near our home! We made contract with owner of a stable that is located in Miekkiö, Lahti. It’s a wonderful place with room for 12 horses, indoor and outdoor arena and all you can imagine in a good stable! Our plan is to have some rental boxes and training for riders and horses. So many people has been interested and we have got new customers! Waiting for autumn when everyone has more time to think these things…

My back problems has been very exciting for some “experts” on internet, so I let you know now that I’m getting better. I have been taken lots of rest and haven’t ridden like for a month. Back issues aren’t so black and white, like all you know who has some problems with their back. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes it ache. Doctors said to me, that my back should be operated, but there’s 50-50 changes to get healed. That’s why I’m not taking risks, I do just what I can do with it! I’m ready to have horses for training! 🙂 I’m okay.Two of our horses (Akro & Elmo) is going to live at Miekkiö in next week, so I’m waiting for that I can start to ride properly again a bit by bit. There’s so much space to do a good work! I’m highly motivated!

Elmo is now 4 yo. and he has been mainly Alex’s project. They started in dressage competition last sunday, getting a awesome score and had 2nd place! I was so proud, because he works so hard and tries to do all he can. Well, both of them. 🙂 Here’s video about their performance:


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